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 Copenhagen Street Food

Copenhagen Street Food is in my opinion one of the best foodie experiences in Europe. It is a collection of over 39 food stalls plus approximately 5 bars under one roof on Papiroen or (Paper island) it is located just around the corner (a walk away) from the world-famous Noma restaurant,  near Nyhavn and Christianshavn which are connected by the bridge Inderhavnsbroenare.

If you don`t have a Michelin star budget and still love good food,  then this is the place for you. The variety at Copenhagen street food is second to none and  although Copenhagen is relatively expensive, Copenhagen Street Food is good value for money.

Copenhagen Street Food is run by The Association Copenhagen Street Food – for conservation of The Original Red Danish Dairy Breed and Thorshøjgaard and over 200 people work on the Paper Island on daily basis.

What stands out is not only the variety of food and drinks but the ethos, its all about organic food, sustainable production, upcycled furniture, community and they even have their own currency, which is available at the bar called stormly.

A list of street food carts is here 

however my favorites on the days I visited were the following 

For food


Duck It Copenhagen

I came lusting after their pulled duck burger and At DUCK IT you can taste the popular Pulled Duck Burger.
The concept is based on the absolute best quality of Confit de canard served in a burger. DUCK IT provide their customers with the ultimate experience in how a duck burger with attitude should taste. The burgers are served in several variations where the basic elements are fresh salad, home-pickled onions and homemade dressing. Simple but brilliant.

Copper & Wheat 

Belgian fries

Visit Alexandre Fristot and Pierre Cacheux from France in their food atelier, where they serve traditional, international homemade dishes with authentic Belgian fries double fried in duck fat. These are so moreish and unlike any chips you have ever had before, you won`t be able to help yourself I guarantee. The menu changes every week but they always have the popular Belgian fries and you are welcome to take a recipe to try to cook their dishes yourself at home!

Brazilian grill with different kinds of meat, chipotle, salads and bread. Really great marinated meat and great value for money.

Pølse Kompagniet

Copenhagen Organic hot dogs

See me eating one of these in the video. Take a bite of the delicious organic gourmet hot dogs and sausages with homemade organic bread with a varity of greens. Pølse Kompagniet serves quality sausages made from their own recipes and consist of 100% meat and spices. There is no added E numbers, additives, food dyes, bone meal or other extraneous ingredients.

smorebrod copenhagnen

smorebrod copenhagnenBased on Danish traditions Joel Kondrup and Nagy Skov-Award serve open sandwiches with homemade ryebread and different kinds of cold cuts – which are very similar to “Smørrebrød”. The menu will vary according to the seasons produce and are about 30 pct. organic. You can always get a plate of three different open sandwiches for DKK 75,

Finally the asian egg roll was a big stand out stall for me but I’m afraid I don`t know what it was called, please leave a comment if anyone does know.

For Drinks

Craft beer copenhagen


In Copenhagen Street Food’s sailor bar you can quench the thirst with organic beer from Danish micro breweries and rum. Stormly takes its name from a demolished house at Christiania, where the letters on the container come from. You can buy tobacco and CowCash – because Copenhagen Street Food’s own currency here.


Enjoy a large selection of quality wines , they will expertly guide you in their organic and biodynamic wines and beers. La Drueta offers a wide and interesting variety of  gin and tonics. So take a seat at the old shipping container and get inspired.

Drueta also organize wine tastings for groups on the rooftop.
For further information – please contact Drueta by Facebook.

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